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June 17, 2017

Hey XANETTE's!  

We bet you've been in that awful position where you need a quick, speedy response from an online shop that you've just bought from. Sometimes waiting on an email just doesn't cut it and we get it! We know it can make you feel like this -- 

We've created a WhatsApp hotline for you to ask and/or enquire about anything XANA's. Questions about our products, our competitions or our sales are more than welcome! Give us a message on  +44 7399 496 583 

But that's not all dolls! We've also launched our very own Snapchat for all our XANETTE's to get sneak peaks into our latest lines and be the first ones to get our promo codes. To keep be updated with everything XANA's you definitely need to add us here:

At XANA's Boutique, we always aim to make life easier for our XANETTE's and with that being said, don't forget about our huge Flash Friday Sale that will take place on the last Friday of this month - 30.06.17 - 20% Off Any and Everything 💖 

Happy shopping dolls x

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